Hair Transplantation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure and has recently become an attractive option for both men and women struggling with rapid hair loss. In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted from a ‘donor area’ in the patient’s own body and transplanted into the balding area.

Besides the scalp, transplantation can also be used to restore hair in the eyebrows, chest, cheeks and pubic regions.

Transplants are safe procedures, with little to no side effects and can be done in a single day. Patients who have undergone transplants must take care not to cause impact of any kind in transplanted regions for upto a week. After a fixed period of time, patients can resume normal routines.


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How much does hair transplant cost?

The price of hair transplantation depends on the grade of hair loss. A higher degree of hair loss means a higher number of grafts are required. Following are the estimated price rate for each degree of hair loss. Keep in mind that this is not the exact price but rather an estimate. For more information, you can reach us at 9802323993.

Grade 1 – Rs 60,000

Grade 2 – 1,20,000

Grade 3 -1.5 lakh

Grade 4 – 2 lakh,

Grade 5 – 2.5 lakhs (This might require 2 sessions)

Grade 6 – 3 lakhs (This might require 2 sessions)

Grade 7 – 3.5 lakhs (This might require 2 sessions)

Please message your pics on Viber/Whatsapp/Imo at +9779802900007 for price estimate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does transplanted hair grow like normal hair?

Yes! Transplanted hair begins to grow as early as 48-72 hours after the transplant. It will continue to grow naturally, even after you cut it! It typically takes a year for hair to reach maximum density.

Can transplanted hair fall in the future?

Transplanted hair falls in a month or two meanwhile new hair grows from the root level after this phase. By 4 months, growth begins rapidly and within 1 year, you hair grows to its maximum density.

Is hair transplant painful?

We apply anaesthesia before a transplant to make sure patients feel little to no pain during the procedure. You may feel some pain while applying the anaesthesia at the start.

How much will hair transplant cost?

We transplant hair based on degree of hair loss. To learn what degree you fall under and for estimated price, kindly send us pictures of your hairline via Viber/Whatsapp at +977-9802323993

Can hair transplant affect the brain?

This is common and inaccurate misconception. Hair transplant is done on the skin. There are 4 more layers and the skull protecting your brain. Hair Transplant is perfectly safe.